We create & preserve freedom

We learned our profession in renowned and leading law firms with an exclusive focus on criminal law. Today, we practice our profession in our own law firm and are renowned ourselves. In more than ten years of working exclusively in criminal law, we have built up a close network of colleagues, experts and specialists from a wide range of fields, which enables us to call on external expertise quickly and according to the situation for the benefit of our clients.

Our passion

We rely on our expertise, decision-making power and experience, which grows from day to day. Our profession continues to shape us - without getting us out of shape! Criminal law is our great passion, which we were fortunate enough to make our profession.

Our values

As human beings and criminal defence lawyers, we live and work committed to the liberal values of classical criminal defence in order to communicate these values in a modern way and to present them in style. This is our contribution to fulfilling the traditional wish of the rule of law that the defence lawyer, as an organ of the administration of justice, should be the "intended sand in the gears" of criminal justice.

Our clients

We defend individuals and professionals in positions of responsibility who are looking for trustworthy, impartial and reliable support in their case.

We advise companies, associations and institutions from a wide range of industries and on a wide range of issues in criminal law and compliance.